Afroza Ahmed Akoob – Parlock, Durban

Attaining Aafiyah | Afroza Ahmed Akoob Dry | Wet cupping | Both  Price per session: R250 Cups per session: unlimited Parlock, Durban KwaZulu Natal Contact no: 063 981 9511 Email: Cupping for how many years: 3 years Certification given by:  Taqiyah Wellness

Faatima Vanker – Durban, KZN

Faatima Vanker Dry | Wet cupping  Price per session: R250 per session (>5 cups) Price per cup: R50 Berea, Durban KZN Contact no: 0720327005 Email: Cupping for how many years: 4 years Certification given by: Dr Mike Bar-Gil

Nazira Bee or Afzul Yasin – Phoenix, Durban

Nazira Bee or Afzul  Yasin Hijama only Price per session: R150 for 7 cups. R200 for 10 cups and R25 per cup thereafter  Phoenix, Durban KZN Contact no: 0761382912 Training offered Cupping for how many years: qualified medical Technologist with 20 years experience practitioner for Cupping 2014 Certification given by: Studied Cupping in Saudi via


السَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ If you would like to know more about Hijamah and the types etc there’s an article on Jamiat site that has very useful information. Click HERE to read it.  This site was made to compile a list of certified & qualified practicing individuals you can go to for cupping. Cupping doesn’t only have