Apa Sharifa Ashraf – Albertville, Randburg

Apa Sharifa Ashraf

Dry | Wet cupping | Both | Massage 

Wet cupping: R350 (maximum cups, use disposable cups)

Dry Cupping: R250 (maximum cups, use disposable cups)

Massage cupping: R200 – R500 Depending on the area of body (silicon cup)

Dry / wet cupping or both: Both including massage cupping

7 Ackerman Street  (Old church building being renovated into a Masjid)
Albertville, Randburg,

Contact no: 072 534 8963
Cupping for how many years: Since 2015
Certification given by: Ruqyah S.A in 2015/ Dr Latib Australia 2016

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